Collaborate with Babyshinjuku!


We are currently looking for people with a following of atleast 5k on social media websites such as Instagram, tumblr, twitter and facebook.  



-Must have atleast 5k followers.

-Must be an active page.

-Account must be public

-We prefer you to have an aesthetic similar to Baby Shinjuku.


How to apply:


Please send us an email at with the subject  line “Collaboration”

Please provide the following.

  1. A little background information about you. Tells us about yourself! We love knowing about our promoters.
  2. What social platform will you be using to promote us on?
  3. Link to your social media account.
  4. Up to date followers count. (Please provide a full screenshot)


Wanna get paid? Have 5k+ followers? PERFECT! We are currently looking for affiliates to promote our products! You will get paid a 10% commission for every purchase made via your unique link. You will get paid every 1-2 weeks and the minimum payout is ONLY 10 dollars! 

Please send us an email at with the subject  line “Affiliate”